August 30, 2023

With less than a month to kick off the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Jiu-Jitsu World Tour Miami, on September 16th and 17th, the list of names signed up to battle for gold and glory at the Watsco Center is becoming increasingly dangerous.

With registration open for all categories until September 11th on, the tournament will feature athletes from all over the world, from beginners ready to put their Jiu-Jitsu to the test to elite warriors seeking the top of the podium. The roster’s highlights are some of the current division champions, who’ll be back to the mats to defend their titles on the last day of the event.

If you’re not up to speed, we highlighted below the current champions of the Professional male black belt and the Professional female brown/black belt. They have already saved their spot in the ADGS Miami and will fight tooth and nail to remain in their thrones. Check it out!

56kg - Zayed Alkatheeri

The UAE star and current World Pro champion in the 56 kg category is also the current champion of that same division in Miami. With his performances full of fast movement and variations, Zayed conquered the world with his fighting style. The black belt arrives in Miami to get more momentum towards his second World Pro title.

62kg - Hiago George

An experienced AJP competitor, Hiago is ready to show his skills at the event. Competing between masters and adults, Hiago has all the tools he’ll need to take another win in Florida, headlining the efficient Cícero Costha here at AJP.

69kg - Israel Almeida

Israel won at last year’s ADGS Miami after some powerful fights and recently has been putting on show after show. Even though he stands at the 69kg division, you’d be forgiven for thinking he fights in heavier categories, due to his large size.

85kg - Ronaldo Junior

Always as a show in itself, Ronaldo Junior returns to the ADGS Miami mats to hunt for his second championship. A well-known Atos athlete, he usually boasts a quick and versatile Jiu-Jitsu, riddled with submissions and eye-catching techniques that keep the laurels of victory resting in his head.

94kg - Fellipe Andrew

Representing Alliance, Fellipe is the man to be beaten in the 94kg division. After entering the lighter category and presenting an explosive, fast, and lethal Jiu-Jitsu, Fellipe is a serious contender for the title, especially if we consider the memorable performance that landed him the World Pro title last year.

120kg - Roosevelt Sousa

Known from AJP events in different parts of the world, Roosevelt’s place among the sport’s elite is undeniable, with his quick and precise submissions. The FightSports athlete shined in Miami last year with his clean victories and intends to do it all over again, taking another gold at his home.

49kg - Brenda Larissa

A big winner in AJP, Brenda often threads the path to victory. The current 49kg division champion, Brenda will have a lot of opponents in her bracket, but most of them are familiar faces that have already fallen to her spot-on guard game and pressured passes.

62kg - Julia Alves

Reigning champion in both Miami and last season’s ranking, Julia is back to the Floridian city to defend her title. She’ll be armed with her usual (but no less complicated) guard game, which keeps her opponents puzzled while she racks up attacks on her way to victory.

70kg - Izadora Silva

A DreamArt athlete with outstanding performances in Abu Dhabi, Izadora knows the house rules and elegantly puts her experience to work at AJP tournaments, conquering titles wherever she goes. However, with so many talented fighters on both sides of the bracket, the division is bound to be an explosive one.

In addition to the names mentioned above, each division also boasts an astounding number of high-level athletes, each ready to end the reign of the current champions. To watch how the tournament unfolds live, go to and stay tuned for the thrills of the ADGS Miami on September 16th and 17th.