September 14, 2023

It’s not long before the Watsco Center in Florida shakes with the emotions of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Jiu-Jitsu World Tour Miami. Scheduled for the 16th and 17th of September, the tournament welcomes on its last day the best competitors in the world in the black belt division, and the duels between the sport’s elite will be a show in itself for those present in the arena, or following live and in detail on

Our team delved into the brackets of the professionals, both male black belt and female brown/black to bring out the highlights of each division. Check out the lines below and don’t miss any details of the highly anticipated ADGS Miami!


56kg - In the lighter men’s category, names like Rodrigo Oliveira, Kalel Santos, and Roiter Lima search for their place in Miami. The Finnish Marko Oikarainen joins as the top seed, while Jeison Mora represents Colombia and Salman Al Thani defends the Bahraini flag.

62kg - Hiago George and Yuri Hendrex are old acquaintances from AJP tournaments. In the 62kg bracket, they won’t just be up against each other but also many other athletes hungry to climb the podium. In addition to the Americans Malachi Edmond and Zach Kaina, the division will also receive Bebeto Oliveira, Jefferson Fagundes, and Isaias Higino.

69kg - With last year’s ADGS Miami title in tow, Israel Almeida has his work cut out for him in the 69kg bracket. The reigning champ will have to overcome Thiago Macedo, Pablo Mantovani, Matheus Onda, Ademir Araujo, and Sebastian Serpa to seize the gold once again.

77kg - Familiarized with the path to the gold, Luiz Paulo Medeiros heads the list of favorites for the 77kg division. However, other well-known AJP athletes like Marcio André, Natan Chueng, and Caio Caetano are also coming strong. Besides, the division gets even hotter with the addition of Elijah Dorsey, Igor Feliz, and Alexandre «Robinho».

85kg - Ronaldo Junior will need to face a rocky path to repeat his feat on last year’s ADGS Miami. In the under 85kg bracket, he’ll face the likes of Manuel Ribamar, Jhonathan «Moicano», and Wallisson «Tarta» for the division gold.

94kg - Fellipe Andrew reaches the AJP mats boosted by countless achievements in the sport. To stop him in his tracks, Adam Wardzinski, Marcos Carrozzino, Luiz Betta, Luccas Lira, and Salenco Coutinho are a few of the possible opponents he’ll face.

120kg - Promising constant clashes in its bracket, the 120kg division features heavy hitters such as Roberto Cyborg, Ricardo Evangelista, Yatan Bueno, and Roosevelt Sousa. In that same category, Wallace Costa, Felipe Bezerra, and Pedro «Bombom» will also fight for the top of the podium.

49kg - With a very complicated bracket, the under 49kg division will feature a true legion of favorites for the title. Starting off with the reigning champ Mayssa Bastos, the bracket will also feature AJP stars like Brenda Larissa and Diana Thais Teixeira. That’s not to mention the likes of Thamires Aquino, Giulia Gregorut, and Duda Tozoni, who’ll also be vying for the title.

55kg - The local athlete Alexa Yanes will have a long road ahead of her to seize the gold in Miami. In the 55kg bracket, she’ll have to go through Gabriela Pereira, Beatriz Campos, and Mikaele Damasceno. The newcomers Thaynara Victoria and Caroline Vinhaes will also take the stage, both aiming to spice up the already boiling division.

62kg - Julia Alves reaches the ADGS Miami as one of the powerhouses of the 62kg division. The bracket will also feature Larissa Martins, Vitoria Vieira, and Maria Delahaye, all planning to step up to the mats with a bang to seize the title.

70kg - An experienced AJP competitor, Ingridd Sousa enters the 70kg bracket with teammate Izadora Silva. The duo will have to contend with Leticia Cardozo, Thamara Ferreira, Ana Brandao, and the newcomer Giovanna Carneiro.

95kg - With a smaller roster, the 95kg division promises some high-octane action in Miami. Yara Nascimento, Giovanna Jara, and Kauane Ramos join the bracket, which will also feature Isabely Lemos and Mayara Moreira, all gunning for the top of the podium.