October 30, 2023

Just a few days away from the ADWPJJC 2023, AJP kept the action going strong in the last weekend of October. With tournaments taking place in Romania, Austria, and Brazil, athletes had their pick of options to put their skills to the test and rack up some points ahead of the World Pro. Check out the highlights of each championship below!

AJP Tour Vienna International Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2023: Masters William Nozari and Philip Eger become division champions in Austria

On Saturday, October 28th, the city of Vienna welcomed Jiu-Jitsu athletes at the HAKOAH Fitness & Wellness for a day of competing, and two Master fighters conquered their respective weight divisions using experience, technical prowess, and the scoreboard. First, the Brazilian William Nozari (A.F.N.T) went toe-to-toe against the Slovak Michal Kukumberg (Jiu-Jitsu Academy Bratislava) for the Master 1 85kg division title. Throughout the regulated time, William managed to impose his flow to the match and Michal didn’t quite manage to keep up with his adversary. By the end of the match, William came out as the winner by a 5-1 score.

Later, the German Philip Eger (DreamArt) showed all his know-how in the Master 2 94kg division. Faced with the local Marc Reifberger (Invictus BJJ), Philip was as unstoppable as a freight train, dominating his opponent and giving him no chances to fight back. After five minutes of fighting, the scoreboard sat at a whopping 10-0 and gave Philip his rightful place on the top of the podium.

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AJP No-Gi Europe Continental Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2023: Beatriz Campos and Almir Kapic dominate their divisions and take the professional gold in Austria

With the mats still boiling hot from the previous tournament, the HAKOAH Fitness & Wellness once again welcomed the athletes for another round of high-end competition, this time without the gi. After taking the gold in the gi, the Brazilian Beatriz Campos (DreamArt) put on her rashguard and made her way to the mats, aiming to take another title in the 62kg division. On the other side of the battlefield, the German Constanze Doring (True Martial Arts) stood ready to stop Beatriz’s plans but was just unable to keep up with the Brazilian in the best-of-three bracket. Beatriz took the first win via submission and, in the second and final round, she submitted yet again to earn her second gold that day.

On the men’s side, Bosnian Almir Kapic was unmatched in the 120kg division. In another best-of-three bracket, Almir had to defeat Austria’s Marc Reifberger at least twice to come out as the winner, and he rose to the challenge. The first match ended with Marc quickly falling victim to a submission, but Marc found his defense in the second round. Unfortunately for him though, Almir was on a roll and managed to score 11-0 before landing his second submission to seize the title.

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AJP Tour Romania National Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2023: Purple belts George Abdul and Catalin Nedelcu conquer the professional gold in Targu Mures

Among the many colored belts who rose to the mats set up at the Sala Sporturilor on October 28th and 29th, two purple belts rose to prominence at the tournament by conquering the Professional 77kg division. On the first day, the Ukrainian George Abdul (Zr Team Association) donned his gi and stepped on a three-man bracket, taking his first win by 2-1 against the Romanian Catalin Nedelcu (Roots System Brasov). Catalin won the following match against his countryman Vlad Pop (Napoca Jiu Jitsu Academy) and saved his spot in the final, fighting George once again. More comfortable this time around, George gave his opponent no chance and ended the duel with a 7-0 score to take the title.

On the second day, Catalin Nedelcu made his way back to the mats, this time fighting without the gi for the 77kg division gold. With a bracket full of familiar faces from the previous day, Catalin started off by submitting Vlad Pop in the semis, the latter having also been defeated by George Abdul priorly. In the final round, Catalin had a chance to get some payback on George and didn’t let the opportunity go to waste, ending a balanced match with a narrow 2-1 on the scoreboard.

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AJP Tour Natal International Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2023: Jonatan Souza takes the double gold in Brazil

On Sunday, October 29th, the Ginásio Nelio Dias da Silva welcomed a multitude of athletes to fight for gold and glory, but one black belt went above and beyond with performances that earned him the gold in his weight division and the absolute. Jonatan «Pingo» Souza (ROXBJJ) made his way to the 69kg bracket, starting his campaign by beating Ryrion Ramos (Gracie Barra) with a narrow 1-0 score. In the final, however, Jonatan found his flow and dominated Iago Lobo (SAS Team), scoring 18-0 before submitting for his first title on that day.

Later on, Jonatan once again rose to the mats, this time with the Open Lightweight gold in his sights. With two familiar faces on his way to the title, Jonatan outscored Iago Lobo by 2-0 and then made his way to the final round, where he used his technical know-how to score 4-2 against Ryrion Ramos. With these victories added to his resumé, Jonatan found himself atop the podium for the second time.

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AJP Tour Betim International Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2023: Vinicius Santos and Raiane dos Santos take the gold on weight and absolute in Brazil

On that same day, Brazilian black and colored belts made their way to the Complexo Esportivo Divino Braga to show the fruits of countless hours spent on the mats of their gyms. A highlight of the tournament, Vinicius Santos (Vinny JJ) began at the 77kg division, where he first outscored Deivid Lima (Gracie Barra) by 9-4 and then submitted Davi Fernandes (Gracie Barra) for his first title. The second gold would come later, after a rematch between Vinicius and Davi in the Open Lightweight division. Even though he was more familiar with Vinicius’ game, Davi was unable to stop his opponent from scoring and then landing another winning submission.

On the women’s side, Raiane dos Santos (Caio Gregorio Team) was the highlight. Starting in the 95kg division, Raiane first beat Leticia Santos (Caveirinha Jiu Jitsu Family) by 4-0 and then submitted Fernanda Scarlet (Vinny Jiu-Jitsu) to climb the podium for the first time. Later on, she made her way to the Open Heavyweight division, kicking off the bracket by beating Fernanda Scarlet yet again, this time by 7-0. On the gold round, Raiane had found her flow and dominated Drielly Assis (Strike Jiu Jitsu), scoring 12-0 before ultimately submitting and seizing her second title.

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